Mothers’ Day

Sujit De

The second Sunday of May is the Mother’s day. When I was a child, I used to go through the balcony straight to the kitchen, keeping my eyes closed just after getting up in the morning so that I could see my mother first, after opening my eyes. It was a delightful experience to begin the day seeing her ocean like assuring smile. Now, I do not know where exactly that balcony is after crossing which I will be able to see her again. On this day, I want to say to her wherever she is now in this infinite universe – “Mother, I bow to thee!” However, I still feel the Mother’s love. When I was ten years old, I had chickenpox.
One day, my blisters became very annoying and I was changing sides while trying to sleep at night. Whenever I woke up, I saw my mother sitting beside me sharing my pain. She never punished me. But whenever I did some wrong, she used to sing a song. Her sad song made me swear an oath of not doing any wrong in future. She had trust in me for everything – be it my character or knowledge. This trust had a tremendous impact on my growth. In fact, such a trust could, always, do the magic and catapult a person to a greater height than he or she was destined to reach.
According to the Mother (Mirra Alfassa), there are four stages of human love. At first, there are people who love when they are loved. This can be seen in the calculating persons who are narrow-minded and selfish. Next, one loves spontaneously but one wants to be loved in return. Such a person has a large feeling of love for humanity but wants to be loved in exchange for his or her “selfless” deeds. Further on, one loves even if one is not loved but one still wants one’s love to be accepted.
Here the psychic feels a spontaneous love for all beings but this pure vibration is still muted by the remnants of the egoistic movements which continue to insist of some form of recognition. And finally, one loves purely and simply without any other need or joy than that of loving. Such a person acts without any expectation or recognition. Mother’s love for her child generally reaches the purest fourth stage. Mother’s day is the day to learn from the mothers this purest form of love.
—Kolkata, India

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