Mothers are mothers

Vinod C Dixit

The article on Mother’s Day by Fatima Akhter & Sujit De (Pak Observer – May 8) clearly shows that Mothers are mothers whether they are ancient or modern, although their roles do diverge with the changing times. It gives a message that mothers are like birds that keep their young under their wings, protecting and nurturing them always. Universally, the mother is the shock absorber of all conflicting emotions that arise among family members.
The travails of a mother never end; but she makes the best management guru. Organisational skills, time-management, being economical, crisis management – everything is tackled eventually and tactfully. Mothers are always taken for granted. We often fail to recognise their unconditional love and the sacrifices they make for the family. All hell breaks loose if she is ill for a day and we have a terrible time managing the house in her absence. I wonder what God planned when he made mothers of children with special needs. A mother can impart such qualities to her children, which no outside education can provide. Youngsters must try to understand such virtues to make Mothers’ Day more meaningful. Merely handing over surprise gifts on the day has no meaning.
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