Mother of terrorism


Muhammad Usman
PAKISTAN’S permanent UN representative, Maleeha Lodhi has rightly called India mother of terrorism in South Asia because its past history and current plethora of actions stand a testimony to what she said emphatically to world to see who actually nurtures, pedals and institutionalises terrorism as an enduring instrument of state policy. India is only country in the world which indulges in all kinds of terrorism inside as well as outside India; state terrorism, state sponsored terrorism and terrorism from within. Its targets were/are neighboring countries, forced annexations and population of social outcasts and minorities in India, living in state of perpetual fear and terror at the hands of tyranny of majority Hindus.
Since beginning, India has gone on path of subterfuge, intimidation, conflict and terrorism to grab and amass whatever it could do with ultimate purpose of subduing others to become big and establish its hegemony in region. Its first prey was Kashmir. Method was legal subterfuge, built upon Maharaja’s letter of accession. In same breath, it annexed Hyderabad, Junagadh and Manowadar at gun point. It grabbed Goa, Daman and Diu in farcical wars. Smaller princely states had to fall in their lap regardless of what otherwise they would have preferred. By military intervention, India acquired Sikkim in 1975.
Kashmir continues to burn since it fell under Indian occupation. It was an ill legal occupation. Neither it could satisfy conscious of free world nor oppress will of people; freedom from Indian yoke despite unremitting atrocities, being let loose at instructions of no other than Indian government itself. Genocide of Kashmiris is perpetrated under a Governor who is representative of Indian government and puppet state government. Both receive secret orders for the same from top. This makes an accomplished case of state terrorism. Deployment of 700,000 Indian troops in IOK is most intense foreign military occupation of contemporary times. Following assassination of a Kashmiri youth leader; Burhan Wani by Indian Security forces in July 2016, Indian state terrorism has touched newer climax to crush renewed uprising.
Use of pellet gun to blind unarmed people is latest edition to art of persecution. Use of rape is a channel to instill fear among women flock. Torture/killing is a patent tactics to frighten male. Media blackouts and draconian emergency laws are other means to ugly end. Indian Security Forces have complete freedom to kill any Kashmiri under state patronage however, regardless of horror and terror unleased, Kashmiri struggle has become a populist legitimate movement in eyes of free world as well as to saner elements within Indian society. Undoubtedly, it is a standing rebuke to Indian claim of movement, being propelled by outside instigation and support.
No neighbouring country of India could remain immune from jaw of its intimidation and conflict however, Pakistan is its permanent and fond target because it is only country which could challenge their vaulting ambitions. It has employed complete array of covert and overt actions to weaken Pakistan to secure its ends; subversion, sabotage, aggression and terrorism. In present times, it is extra active in its mischief. India has never had concern for stability, security and prosperity of Afghanistan. It turned blind eye towards Afghanistan in times of Soviet occupation at polar contrast to overwhelming world view. From situation following 9/11, it has managed to grab a foothold in Afghanistan to stab Pakistan from its backyard by promoting terrorism and separatism. Its consulates in Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar-e- Sharif are working jointly with Afghan NDS to foment unrest in Pakistan. It is by no mean an extra stretch of imagination. It is rooted in reality.
A number of instances illustrate the fact. A diplomatic cable sent on 31 December 2009 from US consulate at Karachi as revealed by Wiki Leaks “it was plausible that Indian intelligence was helping Baloch insurgents”. Confessional statement of Kulbhushan Yadav, apprehended while operating in Balochistan is another proof of committing terrorism in Pakistan. In April 2017, connection between Indian RAW and TTP was publically revealed by TTP former spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan. This could also be extrapolated from an article published in leading Indian newspaper “Hindustan Times” by Bharat Karnard; a national security expert. He wrote that TTP is an active card for India in Pakistan and Afghanistan. An assertion of Indian defence Minister in May 2015 also betrays Indian proclivity to employ terrorism as a mean to achieve their ends. In aftermath of US South Asia policy, expression of concern by US over Indian links with TTP is yet another acknowledgement of its involvement in terrorism. Deep down, US knows actual story.
Parent organization of Modi is RSS whose ideology is India belongs to Hindus. It firmly believes in use of violence to the extent of killing to exterminate other minorities. Ideology of ruling BJP is closely akin to RSS hence, at present India is being ruled by a government in which racist and fascist ideology overrule. Hands of its several leaders are stained with blood of innocent people particularly, Modi. As a CM’ he was incharge of massacre of thousands of Muslim in Gujarat. Even as a PM, he feels no restrain. He has appointed a fanatic as CM of largest state in India where Muslims also live in large number. His rallying cry to Hindu mob is; if they kill one Hindu, we will kill 100 Muslim. There is not only religious discrimination rather Dalits and Adivris are also being forced to live in terror, unsure of their safety and security. It is an Indian terrorism from within.
— The writer, retired Lt Col, is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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