Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day 2018 was observed and celebrated under UNESCO’s theme “Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education.” on 21st February. In the year 2018 UNESCO commemorates the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of Human Rights which states that ‘no discrimination can be made on the basis of language’. The purpose is to acquaint people with linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. It aims to motivate people to uphold knowledge of mother language as well as to protect all languages spoken in the world.
The cultural and linguistic diversity makes the world colourful as well as interesting but ironically Pakistan is still confronted with ethnocentrism and ethnic issues following discrimination on the basis of language sadly the language is more as a tool in Pakistan for political gains left this issue unresolved since its inception rather to preserve cultural identity and make learning easier. There is no doubt that a person can express clearly in one’s mother language instead any other acquired language because the flow of thoughts is smooth and one has no apprehension for its expression. It is rightly said by Oliver Wendell Holmes that ‘Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow’.

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