Mother kills 2 daughters, girl commits suicide

Our Correspondent


A psychotic mother killed her two minor daughters and attempted to commit suicide in a village near Daur Town on late Monday night. According to the report, 40 years old Maryam, locked her three daughters in trunk and jumped into a ditch to commit suicide resulting in to death of two of her children while one daughter was rescued and taken to the nearby hospital.
Nazeer Deenai, father of the deceased children, told the police that her psychotic wife locked three daughters into a box trunk and jumped into a ditch along with it as a result of which 7 years old Sania and 9 months old Amina died on the spot due to suffocation while 9 years old daughter Irum was rescued and taken to the hospital. He said that her wife was mentally ill and she used to say that she would kill her children and commit suicide.

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