Mother, greatest blessing of God Almighty


Chinese girls miss their mothers most on Mother’s Day

Zubair Qureshi

A large number of people, particularly women and children paid tributes to their mothers and expressed their love and deep respect for this great ‘gift of God’ on the occasion of Mother’s Day celebrated at a local shopping mall. Families, children and customers belonging, local and foreigners, also participated in an event that was organized by Safa Gold Mall on the occasion of the International Mother’s Day celebrated on May 13, 2018 across the world.
Mrs Rizwan, mother of a 12-year old boy said she still missed her mother who died five years ago and her death has resulted in a vacuum in her life. “My mother was my friend, my mentor and my teacher and all her life she proved herself a role model for me,” said Mrs Rizwan.
On the occasion, a number of light and amusing games and activities were organized between the mothers and their children. At the end of these games, prizes were distributed. Children on the occasion also sang songs that showed their deep affection and love for their mothers.
A selfie corner was also created at the ground floor of the shopping mall where mothers took selfies along with their children. Through these heart-touching and symbolic acts of love and kindness, the visitors paid tributes to their mothers and spent quality time in its full spirit and passion. The highlight of the event was however, a brief interview of three Chinese girls who arrived at the mall for shopping and had only stopped to see the Mother’s Day activities. “I miss my mother almost daily, however, today, I am missing her most as this is a special day devoted and dedicated to mothers,” said one of the girls. She said in Pakistan they (the Chinese students) felt as if they were at home and bond of friendship between China and Pakistan is deeper than oceans and higher than Himalayas. However, when it comes to mothers, no luxury in the world, nor any facility whatsoever can equal the value of mother who is always there for your support and comfort, she said.
A male customer Akram Qureshi said he made it a point to call his mother every day before setting a step out of the house. This is an important day for us and we should value and regard our mothers as they are the biggest gift of God Almighty for us, he said.

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