Most dastardly act of terrorism in Brussels

A series of explosions rocked Brussels on Tuesday sending shockwaves not only to Europe but the entire globe. At least 35 innocent souls lost their lives and over two hundred others received injuries in attacks, aimed at the symbols of prestige i.e. EU Headquarters, NATO Headquarters, Presidential Palace, Airport and Metro Station.
The dastardly act of terrorism took place despite the fact that Belgian authorities were on alert following arrest of prime suspect in Paris bombing four days back. According to initial reports, the terrorists were speaking Arabic and the IS, which earlier claimed responsibility of Paris attacks, has also claimed responsibility for terror in Brussels. The terrorist act has widely been condemned by the international community and rightly so as these were directed against passengers and people in a country which stands for human rights and speaks for others. It is ironical that terrorists are not sparing even those who provide employment and refuge to people from other nationalities. Belgium and other Western countries have the capacity to track down the culprits and their masterminds in a short time and things would become clear then. However, one thing is clear that such incidents would remain a possibility in Europe and other countries until and unless the world joins hands to completely wipe out the menace and focuses as well on the root causes. We have been emphasizing in these columns that terrorism is a state of mind and we will also have to fight out the threat on psychological and intellectual fronts. Example of Pakistan is before the world community, which has launched a successful military operation against terrorists and their sponsors but here too there are apprehensions that the problems would be there if it is not addressed on ideological front. Unfortunately, there is a deep perception in some segments of the Muslim society that they are being mistreated by the Western world in different ways. The way the war on terror is being waged involving collateral losses and damages also generates resentment and reaction. It is also a fact that with the passage of time the sense of alienation among Muslims and other minorities living in Western countries is increasing and no efforts are made for their integration. Therefore, the world will have to carry out a deeper study of the problem and come out with a multi-dimensional strategy to address the challenge.

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