Most condemnable attack on a Chinese engineer

IN an abhorring attack in Karachi on Monday, a Chinese engineer and his driver were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded as their minibus passed through one of Karachi’s industrial quarters. A piece of paper left at the scene was signed by the so-called Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claiming responsibility for the dastardly act.
It is satisfying that both the Chinese engineer and his driver received minor injuries but the incident highlighted the potential threat to thousands of Chinese personnel engaged in developmental activities across Pakistan. This is not for the first time that such a nefarious attack has been carried out against Chinese nationals as in the past as well several incidents of the nature took place. It is quite obvious that some foreign forces with the active collaboration of some local elements are active to distract Chinese attention from Pakistan, who are contributing significantly to economic development of the country. Their machinations have increased following launching of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is rightly called as the game changer project. Pakistani authorities are aware of these threats and conspiracies and that is why Pakistan Army has created a separate Division for protection of Chinese personnel and projects in the country. However, in view of multi-dimensional nature of the problem, it is incumbent upon all concerned to prepare a comprehensive response as well. There are reports that an intelligence agency of a neighbouring country is busy in brainwashing some segments of the society in Pakistan by identifying the Chinese investment in Pakistan as to that of East India Company. No doubt, people of Pakistan have rightly welcomed and appreciated Chinese assistance in developing different sectors of the economy but counter move is needed to rebut misleading propaganda campaign by vested interests. Sindh Government should launch an inquiry and expose those behind the sinister attack against Chinese engineer. We also appreciate Chinese people and the Government for their understanding of the problem and expressing their firm resolve to continue to collaborate with Pakistan.

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