Most brutal attack on Army-men

IN a shocking and most brutal attack, two army men were killed by unidentified gunmen in one of the Karachi’s highly congested areas — Saddar, on Tuesday. According to reports, four men riding two motorbikes fired at a double cabin vehicle of Pakistan Army near Saddar Parking Plaza located near historic Empress Market, grievously injuring both the security personnel, who later succumbed to their injuries.
The incident was instantly condemned not only by the top civilian and military leadership of the country but also leaders of public opinion and a wave of grief engulfed the entire country. Installations of Armed forces and their personnel have been target of suicide attacks but chasing and sniper firing on army men has been rare. This shows that the attackers and their backers have done this after thorough planning and similar incidents might occur in future as well. There can be no two opinions that the Army is rendering great sacrifices for the safety and security of the nation and future of the country. These sacrifices have started producing their results as normal life has resumed in most areas of the Tribal Areas, Balochistan and Karachi but, of course, there are pockets of resistance and cells of terrorists and their foreign masters. Attack on army men is a serious issue as it conveys an impression that the enemy has the potential and capacity to confront the Armed forces. Such attacks may also have demoralizing effect on troops besides eroding their awe and prestige. It is because of this that we have been pleading since long that the role of the Army should not be overstretched and army should avoid taking ordinary responsibilities. No doubt, the problem of terrorism and the consequential threat was monumental but the operation should have been swift. There should be more focused attention on operation in Karachi and it should be taken to the logical conclusion with speed. Anyhow, we hope that our intelligence agencies would trace the culprits who carried out dastardly attack in Karachi and also their facilitators and sponsors.

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