Moscow and Islamabad

Imran Ali Phull

It is quite commendable and congruous initiative of Pakistan’s foreign policy to restore and revive the dead relationship with Moscow after long time, by conducting joint military exercises in mountainous terrains in Pakistan. This new renaissance and rapprochement has flabbergasted everyone, especially our neighbouring countries Afghanistan and India, who have been making conspiracies to mount a global campaign for isolation Pakistan in the region and the world. This is first time ever in the history of both countries Russia and Pakistan that they are participating in joint special exercises of the Armed forces of two countries.
Undoubtedly, when we look back at history’s pages, we find that there was mutual, cordial and relationship between Moscow and Islamabad and Russia is the one who assisted us in building steel mill and strengthened and supported us to fulfil our power and energy requirements. But later Russia inclined towards India by building and enhancing strategic relationship and became its largest arms supplier when Pakistan impetuously played wrong card by shaking hands with America. The split further intensified after Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as Pakistan unconditionally supported Afghanis in their war against Moscow in the name of Jihad but later we realized that we were exploited as pawn and puppet by Washington and Pentagon and still have been facing the wages of sin.
It is the old strategy of Pentagon to use different countries for its personal loaves and fishes as a tool against their enemy, as they used Pakistan in Afghan war and now they are exploiting Ukraine as a tool against Russia, when their clandestine objectives are achieved then the Americans left that country in hot water. In past Russia also agreed to sell four Mi-35M helicopters to Pakistan and welcomed Islamabad to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Moscow also agreed regarding cooperation in the fields of railways, water and power and framework cooperation for restoration and rehabilitation of Pakistan Steel Mill.
The international environment is complicated and multifaceted. Now Russia has come up with very new friendly gesture by condoning mutual differences of the past even ignoring the opposition of New Delhi on conducting mutual armed exercise after the unprecedented deterioration of relations between New Delhi and Islamabad. But it must be kept in mind that this change of Russian policy is caused after the growing inclination of New Delhi towards America and Russia might not abandon its privileged ties with India for Pakistan, which still is indecisive about its relations with US, despite latter’s obnoxious role in ditching Pakistan every now and then.
So it is high time for our government to discriminate between friend and foe and there is dire need to play our cards meticulously and prudently. We must work to exploit our strategic value by strengthening relationships with Russia and other countries on different forums and there is possibility in the future that on the model of Pak-China relations, we may also try to forge relationship with Russia.
— Karachi

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