Morning walkers face dog attack

Hashim Abro

The residents of G-9/3 Sector, especially those who are early birds and practice regular morning walk, beside school and college going boys and girls, come under attack of a dog kept by one rustic family living in a bungalow located on the double road called “ Ibne Sina Road,” near Hockey Ground, leading to Karachi Company for the last four months.
On February 15, 2016 at 7 am I witnessed morning walkers came under the attack of this dog and the dog seriously bit one of them. Terrorised people assembled and hurled down stones and bricks at the dog and by this way they all rescued the young girl, but the callous owners did not bother to come out of their house and get hold of this ferocious dog.
The said dog has bitten many morning walkers and passers-by during the past few months. The relevant directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is requested to take strict action against owner of this dog and better eliminate such dogs from the residential sectors. Above all, it is reported that number of dogs in Islamabad has dramatically increased therefore operation against such stray and dangerous dogs is necessary to save the Isloos from their attacks and biting.

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