More trouble for BCCI CEO Rahul Johri

Bipin Dani


Rahul Johri, the first BCCI CEO is in trouble and may lose his job over the allegations of harassment to the lady working in the word’s richest organisation.
Though the current investigations are limited only to the harassment allegations, the present BCCI officials were / are not happy over the way he (Johri) was chosen ahead of the other candidates. Thanks to Anurag Thakur, who is / was known to Johri’s politician father, Dinesh Johri.
Former Mumbai captain Shishir Hattangadi, who, too has offered to depose before the three-member committee to apprise the members about the lady, who is alleged to have been harassed by the BCCI CEO.
The lady and her husband are Hattangadi’s friends.
Without elaborating more, the 57-year-old Hattangadi says, “I will do what is in my control”. After Neeraj Kumar the former Anti-Corruption Unit head’s deposition, BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhry is set to be testified on Monday.
Interestingly, one more lady, Pooja Agarwal, who, in the past worked with Rahul Johri at zee News is most likely to be invited to be testified before the panel, though she submitted her complaint after the November 9 deadline.
Johri is reported to be in her contact even after she left the job and wanted to be close with her. It is not known whether she has retained Johri’s messages, but if so, Johri is certain to have a few sleepless nights.

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