More is required than NAP monitoring

THE Quetta terrorist attack resulted into a series of high-level meetings to review different aspects of the National Action Plan against Terrorism and to consider future line of action to prevent such incidents. After three-day consultations, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced formation of a Task Force to monitor implementation of NAP in view of slow progress on eight out of twenty points of the Plan.
The opposition has been recommending monitoring of the implementation process by a Parliamentary Committee but the Government thought it appropriate to form a Task Force consisting of representatives of the concerned departments and agencies. This would, of course, be more practicable as the Task Force of the stakeholders might be able to process things swiftly than the political oversight, which could create problems as well because of understandable reasons. However, establishment of the task force is reflective of the typical governmental mindset of constituting commissions and committees on different issues. Performance of such bodies has not been encouraging as these often tried to deflect from real issues. NAP was conceived after intensive discussions at different levels including at the platform of the Parliament and it covered all related aspects. There have been complaints about lack of desired progress in certain respects and recommendations have also been advanced off and on to address the problem. What is required is political will and determination to proceed without any fear or reprisal and the only objective should be to eliminate terrorists in whatever form they exist. Intelligence agencies are required to coordinate their activities but this has not happened so far and as a consequence the trouble-makers often go scot free. Similarly, only use of force would not produce positive results if the judiciary sits on cases for months and years for different reasons and comprehensive campaign is not launched for changing the terrorist mindset. Similarly, terrorism being a global issue, border management should be given due priority and necessary funds allocated for the purpose.

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