More blasts rock Turkey

SATURDAY once again saw twin explosions ripping through Turkish city of Istanbul killing 38 people and injuring over 150 others. In recent months, Turkey has witnessed some of the bloodiest and worst terror attacks especially targeting the security forces.
One may find similarities between terrorist attacks that used to spill blood in Pakistan two or three years back and now the ones taking a heavy toll of our Turkish brethrens. Pakistan was and is still the victim of Afghanistan’s unfinished war and spill-over effects while Turkey apparently is also facing the current situation because of what is happening in neighbouring Syria. It is not much difficult even for a layman to analyse as to why all this is happening to important Muslim countries. In fact, the enemy sees President Erdogan as a major threat because of bold and unequivocal stance he has adopted on some of the critical issues pertaining to Muslim causes. But we have no doubt in mind that the way President Erdogan has steered his country towards economic development and overcome all the crises successfully in the past with the support of his people, he will once again lead his country to success in rooting out terrorist elements from the country. As Pakistan’s anti terrorism strategy has been successful to a great extent, it can extend its services to the brotherly country in tackling the menace. Rather the call made by President Erdogan during his address to Pakistan’s Parliament recently that all Muslim countries need to forge unity to tackle this curse is very relevant to confront those who are bringing bad name to Islam at the behest of their foreign masters. Time has come that Muslim countries while rising above their differences sit together and work out a way forward and send message of complete unity to foil the designs of enemies of Islam.

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