Morale boosting assurance of COAS

AT a time when dark clouds are hovering on the horizon, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has held out a categorical assurance to the nation that Pakistani borders are completely secure and there is nothing to worry about the bluffs of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or machinations of his spy agency RAW. Addressing CPEC conference in Gilgit on Thursday, the COAS said he fully understood the games being played by the enemies of the country.
It is now quite obvious that long-term moves are being made by some countries of the region with active connivance of the only super power not only to encircle China but also undermine security and defence as well as economic progress of Pakistan. There is Indo-US-Afghan nexus on one side and attempts are also being made to rope in Iran in anti-Pakistan moves on the other side. India is exploiting anti-China sentiment in the United States for its own advantage in the region and is accelerating conspiracies against Pakistan. It is so much emboldened that hot pursuit threats are being hurled on Islamabad every now and then despite the fact that India’s concerned circles fully know the consequences. Latest reports suggest that India has installed latest and powerful digital transmitters aimed at beaming out propaganda targeting Balochistan and Azad Kashmir and the Government has given a go ahead signal to All India Radio to launch programme in Balochi. This is not an ordinary development but an alarming move requiring in-depth analysis by relevant authorities in Pakistan. However, there seems to be lethargy and lack of planning on the part of authorities in Islamabad as transmitters of Radio Pakistan, which had been effectively countering Indian propaganda, are obsolete and not to speak of modernizing these transmitters, PBC is not getting anything except funds for salaries, to launch counter programmes. Similarly, India is on a shopping spree to modernize its Armed forces that present potent threat to security of Pakistan but there is no matching move on this side. We hope practical steps would be taken without losing any time to safeguard our national interests.

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