Money laundering

The recent campaign to check money laundering is a good step. The same sort of steps need to ensure recovery of written off loans, corruption money and especially bringing money from Switzerland. It would help to lower down price of the Dollar which would also strengthen country’s economy and help people get rid of inflation. Now the main issue is commitment of the institution{s}. I think it would be last chance to eliminate menace of corruption from Pakistani society. Pakistani society has never showed such commitment against corruption as these days masses are being observed talking against corruption.
The masses are fed up of the rising prices of eatables. They are unable to construct homes. Millions of citizens are living in rented houses and in slums due to lack of economic opportunities. Almost all the departments are faced with decline. The main reason is corruption and lack of commitment on part of politicians. National Accountability Bureau, Judiciary, Federal Investigation Agency, Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank, Federal Board of Revenue, Police, Health and Education departments should be improved and check and balance is ensured on a pure merit basis, then the country would touch heights of progress and prosperity.
It would infuse sense of satisfaction among masses. Similarly, when these institutions would give confidence to people especially overseas Pakistanis, they would send huge amounts and Pakistan would be an abode of safe investment, virtually a paradise for investment. The recent identification of fake accounts and taking of action was also a good omen for rehabilitation of our weak economy. It is test of our institutions to bring this case to logical conclusion.

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