Modi’s unpleasant feelings

AFTER failing to check the new turn in freedom movement in occupied Kashmir through brutal use of force and to malign Pakistan at the international level on recent Uri attack, the Indian top leadership also supported by media has gone berserk in antagonism and whipping up war hysteria through frequent blistering statements. Modi, whose hands are soaked with the blood of innocent people of Gujarat and Kashmir, on Saturday again repeated same old accusations of terrorism against Pakistan adding he would not leave any stone unturned to isolate Pakistan globally.
The venom in his speech in fact shows utter desperation of a man who is on a mission to damage Pakistan at the international level but has miserably failed in his endeavours. Recent failure it faced was at the New York, where on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session, some important countries supported Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir dispute and appreciated its anti-terrorism efforts. During talks with PM Nawaz Sharif, the Chinese premier not only endorsed Pakistan’s position on Kashmir dispute but also emphatically stated to support the country at every forum. As the Indian PM has made its intentions clear in Saturday’s speech, our leadership and foreign policy makers should also adopt a proactive approach in order to expose true face of India before the world. After the arrest of Kulbushan Yadav, Pakistan has clear evidences that RAW is financing and supporting terror acts not only in Balochistan but other parts of the country as well and we need to present our case more strongly at world forums on this matter. Modi in his madness might be contemplating some surgical strikes but he should not forget that entire Pakistani nation stands shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces to thwart any aggression. In the face of Indian war mongering, our top leadership has adopted a more matured and responsible posture. It is also advisable for Modi administration to shun confrontationist approach and while demonstrating maturity and decency hold sincere dialogue with Pakistan for resolution of all outstanding disputes. Harbouring animosity, hegemony towards Pakistan would not serve any purpose as only through peace, regional countries could cultivate the fruits of development.

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