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Modi’s sinister plan

FACED by tough situation domestically ahead of the general election, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is relying on sordid tactics including Pakistan bashing to win the polls. Staging first Pulwama incident and then resorting to Balakot strikes, which only brought him humiliation and shame both at home and at the international level, Modi is plotting another sinister plan against Pakistan to win the votes at home.
Addressing a news conference on Monday, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, revealed that India is planning another military attack against Pakistan in the coming weeks. Elaborating further, he said India could stage a Pulwama style attack in occupied Kashmir to use it as justification for its military adventure against Pakistan. Given the anti-Pakistan posture of India especially in recent times, the very disclosures made by the FM cannot be ignored or underestimated, therefore, the world needs to take them seriously and take the requisite steps to avert any sort of conflict in the region. It is regrettable that despite Pakistan’s several peace overtures, the ruling extremist government in India is bent upon putting the entire regional peace and stability at risk for its petty political interests. But it should not forget that Pakistan’s defence forces are fully ready and capable to give them a bloody nose in case of any {mis-}adventure. The Indian side will get nothing except again biting the dust and shame at the hands of our valiant forces. Taking the threat seriously, the Foreign Office very rightly reached out to key world capitals and exposed the evil Indian designs. Two days ago, Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua invited the Ambassadors of five permanent members of the UN Security Council to share Islamabad’s concerns. It is now time for these capitals to use their influence and pressurize the Indian government not to commit any folly as it can lead to a full-fledged conflict or war between the two nuclear neighbours which will have disastrous consequences for this already volatile region. We will also urge the Foreign Minister to embark upon the visit of friendly countries including those in the Arab world to apprise them about the situation. Those honouring Modi with highest awards must not forget that the hands of Modi are stained with the blood of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat and occupied Kashmir. In these columns we have always stressed for greater unity amongst Muslim countries to cope with the challenges but honouring a man like Modi amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of oppressed people of IoK. What they need to understand is that Modi cannot be a partner or friend of any Muslim.