Modi’s offensive statement

APART from spraying bullets from across the Line of Control and financing terrorism, the incumbent hard line Indian top leaders are using every possible tactic in their kitty and mind to exert pressure on Pakistan. In his latest outpour, Indian PM Narendra Modi while addressing the farmers on Friday once again repeated the threat of stopping Pakistani waters. Though according to experts it is practically not possible for India to stop the waters and revoke the fifty-year old Indus Water Treaty unilaterally but given the recent Indian belligerence and its statements to inflict harm to Pakistan’s interests, we need to remain extra vigilant to thwart the Indian designs on this front too which we believe our relevant quarters have not countered the way they should have.
The concerns that India could use water as a weapon to destroy our agriculture and economy are not totally uncalled for as since long it is pursuing a systematic plan to get leverage on the rivers flowing into Pakistan. It has already built several dams and is building more to regain control of western rivers which is a clear violation of the Indus Water Treaty but we have not done sufficient to protect our interests in this regard. India doing this under a well thought out strategy to render Pakistan’s link-canal system redundant, destroy agriculture of Pakistan which is its mainstay and turn the country into a desert. Hence, whether or not the Indian leaders threaten openly, they are indeed pursuing a plan to impinge on Pakistan’ water rights. There are some more conventions in place in addition to the World Bank-brokered Indus Water Treaty that Pakistan may rely on to protect its water rights. Apart from exposing Indian water aggression at appropriate forums, we also need to pay full attention towards early construction of big water reservoirs to overcome the current water shortage and safe our agriculture sector from total collapse. The office of Indus Water Commission also needs to be strengthened to protect Pakistan’s interests in legal battles for implementation of provisions of Indus Water Treaty. We also need to sign water sharing treaty on Kabul River with Afghanistan.

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