Modi’s flip-flop

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who resorted to bloodshed and brutality in occupied Kashmir, apparently softened his stance in his speech on Tuesday. Addressing the nation on India’s 71st Independence Day, Modi laid special emphasis on India’s ongoing crisis in Kashmir saying that Kashmir issue couldn’t be resolved through bullets and abuses, but by embracing the Kashmiris and working for their betterment.
Ever since he came to power in 2014, Occupied Kashmir is burning because of intensified brutalities and repressive tactics by the occupation forces. The situation is so critical that some of India’s best brains having their fingers on the pulse of the history have warned the Indian government to review its policy of repression or face the consequences. This is also evident from the firm resolve of the Kashmiri people who are braving all sorts of brutalities but are not willing to forego their right of self-determination and are fully resolved to pursue their struggle till it reaches its logical conclusion. Though Modi has hinted at change of the policy because his forces have miserably failed to break the will of Kashmiri people but there are scant chances that a real change in policy would take place and that too under the incumbent Prime Minister, who is known as butcher of Gujarat and butcher of Kashmiris. Policy-makers in New Delhi must remember that hollow slogan of embracing Kashmiris would not work until and unless the occupation forces are thinned out to ensure relief for Kashmiris whose fundamental rights are being trampled on a daily basis. Again, the mantra inseparable part (Atoot Ang) will have to be shunned as Kashmiris are not willing to agree to any political concession under the framework of the Indian Constitution but want only freedom and the best way to do so would be to allow Kashmiris to decide their future in a free and fair plebiscite. Kashmiris have always rejected elections held in Occupied Kashmir and have been observing India’s Independence Day as Black Day as they did this year as well. This is a clear message to Modi if he is willing to learn any lesson from the 70-year history of the conflict.

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