Modi! We are always ready

Imran Ali Phull

After the Uri attack India has once again brazenly initiated unsubstantiated, fallacious and preposterous blame game and accused Pakistan to provide shield and shelter to anti-India elements. India is irrationally blaming Pakistan for having involvement in cross-border terrorism without ignoring the fact that in such tight security, infiltration is unfeasible and how fully armed men cross undetected with such ease the most secured and monitored border area in the world. Further, what Pakistan has to gain by staging an attack in Kashmir either directly or by using non-state actors?
Every one knows very well, after the inhuman brutality and atrocities of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir by using pellet guns on peaceful protesters, the heinous face of India is fully exposed. This is the age of information and technology and by imposing restrictions, imprisonment and killing innocent Kashmiris, India can’t subjugate their will, voice and struggle for self-determination and freedom. Indian police and army is capturing young Kashmiris from different regions and killing them near LOC in fake encounters. The new Kashmir generation is fully determined, indefatigable and committed to fight for their moral and legal right of independence and they would not retreat till achieving their goal. It is crystal clear that after witnessing barbarity of India, Kashmiri freedom fighters will not remain silent and they will respond Indian forces at every platform with bravery and courage.
Embarrassing and paranoid India is now trying to divert world’s attention from the systematic savagery and human rights violation in occupied Kashmir and sabotaging the freedom movement in occupied Kashmir and CPEC in Pakistan. India has been opposing CPEC and putting a spoke in our wheels since the announcement of the Project. Not only that it is a great breakthrough for Pakistan’s economic and energy sector but simultaneously India is afraid as China also hits the bull’s-eye because CPEC is also a counter narrative of China against India’s strategic plan to exploit Chinese weakness in the Indian Ocean by blocking Malacca Strait in case of any conflict in future.
The recent stance and incongruous narrative of India is reflecting deceptive mindset of Indian government and its non-seriousness in regional peace and normalcy. Meanwhile, Indian media is fully indulged in hatching conspiracies to defame, destabilize and disintegrate our country. Now India is making flying castles by planning cold start doctrine and surgical strikes in Pakistan’s territory but it is forgetting the reality that Pakistan is a nuclear power and our forces are fully vigilant and capable to secure and protect our borders and soil as whole Pakistani nation is standing under one green umbrella and behind our Armed forces to foil the designs of our arch enemy.
It is also matter of fact that Pakistan has been fighting a war against terrorism more than a decade by launching the biggest and most successful Operation Zarb-e-Azb and in spite of our social, political crisis and crippling economy, we explored all possible avenues to exterminate the roots of terrorism without any discrimination. Undoubtedly Pak Army has played an unprecedented and remarkable role and has been fighting with courage, passion and commitment to confront all internal and external challenges and combat terrorism. So in such scenario Modi should categorically realize that we don’t want any confrontation as it will put the entire region into a quagmire of volatility and dismay but if any aggression or war is imposed, then we are fully ready and equipped to give a “befitting response” to any “misadventure” either small or long scale war from the eastern border and their dreams will be crushed vehemently and relentlessly as were in 1965 war.
— Karachi

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