Modi to divide India: Siraj

Quetta—Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq has said that one thief could not hold accountability of another thief. He said government is not accepting ToRs of opposition and is also not forming commission over Panama leaks issue from last five months. Siraj said JI is the only party, which can save Pakistan. He said if people want to see real democracy in country then they should support JI. He said Narender Modi is dividing India.
While addressing the workers convention in Quetta Sirajul Haq said there is corruption and corrupt government in country. Sirajul Haq said he wants accountability of corrupt people. Siraj said JI wants accountability of rulers over the issue of corruption.
He said Pakistani high commissioner present in India should be called back from India and Indian high commissioner present in Pakistan should be asked to leave Pakistan until and unless India becomes ready to hold dialogues for the independence of Kashmir.
He said the role of US over this issue is dual, adding that role of many European countries is also suspicious and they support oppressor as compared to suppressed people. He said in 1965 we had defeated India and now once again whole nation ready to face challenges.
He said prime minister three times said he was ready for accountability, adding that accountability could not be held on channel. Siraj said that prime minister should present himself in front of some commission of court. He said the accountability of those have got write off loans should be held. He said the end of politics of Mughal princes in country is necessary.
He said JI was the first party which started resistance against the corruption in country. He said that there is no hope of resolution of problems facing by country and progress of country from the current leadership.
He said that there is no democracy in political parties, adding that the parties are like personal property which transfers from father to son and then grandsons. He said there is no dictatorship in Jamaat-e-Islami, adding that the people elect the leadership of JI. Siraj said he wants to see common people in the assemblies. Siraj said we will have to change the electoral system in country.
He said if people want to see real democracy in country then they should support JI. He said no poor person could become the part of government in this system. He said honest leadership is only present in JI, adding that if people want to eliminate corruption from country and want to see rule of law and merit then they should support JI.
He said there is poverty in Balochistan due to unjust distribution of resources. He said the problems could not be resolved with the use of force. He said the reason behind the unemployment and other problems facing by people is wrong policies of the government. Siraj said JI will eliminate VIP culture from country. He said there are reserves of gold in Balochistan but there is no peace in the province.
On the occasion 34 newly elected district ameers of Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan also took oath of their offices.—SABAH

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