Modi disappoints Kashmiris

IN his Independence Day speech from Red Fort, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared India as a sleeping elephant that was awakening — a reference to India’s economic strength. He also referred to great Tamil poet, Subramania Bharati who visualised that India will rise as a great nation and inspire others. But his remarks on Kashmir that his country does not believe in use of abuse and bullet belie ground realities as scores of Kashmiris are either killed or maimed on a daily basis and the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that even the UN, which traditionally kept a mum on terrible happenings in Occupied Kashmir, was forced to speak for oppressed Kashmiris.
Like every year, this year too, Kashmiris all over the world and especially those in Occupied Kashmir observed India’s Independence Day as Black Day and staged protest demonstrations around the globe against Indian atrocities and continued occupation of their motherland. Modi talked about negotiations and peace but practically his government has, so far, resorted to brutal use of {State} force and is undertaking legal, constitutional, economic, political and social measures aimed at depriving Kashmiris of their identity and crushing their voice for freedom.
Despite all sorts of oppressive tactics adopted by Indian forces, Kashmiris came out in great numbers on roads and streets of Occupied Kashmir on August 15 to denounce Indian occupation and vowed to continue their struggle till realisation of their right of self-determination. This is a clear message to the world as well as Indian government that Kashmiris would not accept anything less than liberation from India.

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