Modi declares open war against Pakistan

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s designs against Pakistan stand exposed as he raised the bogey of ‘independent Balochistan’ twice in two days, further raising the tension, which was already high between Pakistan and India. This is, indeed, a sort of undeclared war against Pakistan and all concerned should take due notice of and be prepared to foil designs of the enemy.
In a rejoinder, Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has rightly pointed out that remarks of Mr Modi establish once again Indian involvement in abetting terrorism in Balochistan and that he is raising the bugbear of human rights violations in Pakistan to divert attention from what his forces are doing in Occupied Kashmir, where curfew is in place and a total blackout imposed for the last 38 days in an attempt to hide the black face of New Delhi. It is no secret that India has been fomenting trouble in Balochistan, Karachi and FATA both through its presence in Afghanistan and by way of infiltration of its agents of the like of Kulbhushan Yadev. However, provocative remarks of the Indian Prime Minister are not only a crude attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan but also indicate that India was up to some big mischief and would now openly use tactics to destabilize Balochistan. It might pour more money and provide arms and training to a handful of dissidents to substantiate its claims of so-called disenchantment of Baloch people and to destabilize Pakistan. It was what it did in former East Pakistan and the military intervention of India resulted into dismemberment of the country. All this is in line with typical Indian mindset and agenda vis-à-vis Pakistan since 1947 as New Delhi has not been able to reconcile with the reality of Pakistan and has been using all sorts of machinations at its disposal to wipe out the country from the map of the world. In this backdrop, Sartaj Aziz has certainly done well but this should not be left at issuance of a customary diplomatic rejoinder. Foreign Office and our missions abroad should take up the issue with right earnest with host governments and important capitals of the world. It would also be in the fitness of things if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself gives a ring to his Indian counterpart to register a befitting protest. This should be also one of the themes during Prime Minister’s forthcoming visit to New York on the occasion of UN General Assembly session.

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