Modi being ridiculed even in India

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brazen interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan has not only attracted universal condemnation from Pakistan but is also being ridiculed by saner elements in India as well. Former Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid criticized Modi for making reference to Balochistan in his Independence Day address and said this is a departure from five principles of coexistence that Indian has been propounding.
By making references twice in two days, the Indian Prime Minister has conveyed a message that he is ready to pursue the path of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who used so-called atrocities against Bengalis as an excuse to intervene militarily in the then East Pakistan leading to dismemberment of Pakistan. And he shamefully took credit of breaking of Pakistan during his last visit to Bangladesh. Modi is trying to internationalise an issue that is mere creation of Indian crude interference since long but the problem is dying down — thanks to the efforts of the military and civilian leadership of the country. Balochistan is now on the path of progress and economic development and implementation of CPEC segments in the Province would, hopefully, bring about a vivid transformation in its socio-economic landscape. There are no takers of Modi’s designs — neither in Balochistan nor in AJK and GB — as almost all leaders of public opinion have strongly condemned him for his brazen attempt to create a stir. People of Pakistan and especially those of AJK, GB and Balochistan have vowed to get united to foil designs of the enemy and this is what we require. We also believe that if Indian plans are exposed to the international public opinion in right perspective and carefully then Modi would not be able to raise his head anywhere among the comity of nations. Therefore, the issue must be raised by Pakistani leaders and leaders of public opinion at all available forums.

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