Mobile snatching in Karachi


I would like to draw your attention towards a serious crime that has been happening frequently and has become a great threat to the people. Mobile snatching is being done everywhere in Karachi, no place is safe anymore. Walking on the street, riding a motor bike or driving a car is now danger for mobile snatching every minute. The law and order situation is quite unsatisfactory in the city. Everybody is worried about the lawlessness. The police are not doing their duties to check all these illegal activities. For the last few months many cases of mobile snatching and robbery have happened.
Gangs of teenager armed with pistols operate in parts of the city. These criminals snatch mobile-sets from unarmed civilians. Upon resistance, the gangsters resort to firing, which in most cases result in death. I want to give a message to all those who are concerned and responsible; please take tangible steps to stop mobile snatching in Karachi in order to protect the assets of citizens.

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