MNS in deep trouble

THE latest judgement of the Supreme Court has increased woes and challenges for former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, who was already entangled in a multitude of complicated legal and political scenarios. Though the apex court has only interpreted Article-62(1)(f) of the Constitution declaring that disqualification under the clause would be for life but MNS becomes the immediate and principal victim of the interpretation, which is being viewed by PML(N) as targeted and majority of legal brains as narrow and harsh.
For the time being, the PNL(N) supremo stands expelled from the parliamentary politics and things would become more complex for him when verdicts in ongoing NAB references against Sharif family are delivered in coming weeks. However, it is understandable that disqualified Mian Nawaz Sharif would continue to remain fully relevant as far as real politics is concerned as his popularity graph has not lowered as per expectations and anticipation of his adversaries and opponents. He is still a crowd puller and his narrative is not only becoming popular with masses but also being adopted by some other powerful parties that are quite relevant in the politics of the country. But analysts and commentators apprehend that his life-long disqualification might have sent dismaying signals especially those sitting on the fence and there could be defections in the party in days to come especially when the assemblies are dissolved and political animals would be looking for greener pastures. Party cadres are confident that President of the party Mian Shahbaz Sharif has the capability and skills to keep the party intact and lead it effectively in elections. As for the nature of the court verdict, it has rightly been warned by some prominent lawyers and politicians that Articles-62 and 63 of the Constitution are swords hanging overheads of politicians. Today, it is Nawaz Sharif and tomorrow someone else could become their target and that is why there is growing demand that Parliament should act quickly to amend or repeal these provisions of the Constitution, which, if applied honestly, fairly and without any discrimination, there would be no one left in the fray to contest elections. It is also advisable for politicians and legislators not to take the issues that are well within their domains to other institutions, otherwise they would become handicap for life.

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