Missing persons in Peshawar

Sanaullah Samad

It is not only the kidnapping of small children but the cases of missing teenagers and elders are also on rise in Peshawar. Around 40 individuals are missing for the last two months. Some data complied by Edhi Foundation estimated that more than 600 children are missing since last six months in Peshawar and other districts of the Province.
The people go out to earn livelihood for their families, but never return to their homes. On August 24, three teenagers from a village were kidnapped, and no one knows about their whereabouts. The parents and family members of these children, teenagers and individuals are much worried about the abduction of their kins but are totally helpless and unable to do anything. The responsibility rests on the concerned authorities to take serious action against these criminals and bring back missing person back to their families.
— Via email

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