Missing democratic attitude

Well, despite so many bumps on the way, the take-away news is our democracy has finally made it to the third successive elections uninterrupted. In past, whenever democratic system neared to outgrow the age of “nappies” it was replaced by the “men in khakis” of course for the greater good of the country. As the sun of democracy keeps controlling the horizon of the country, the shadows of marshal-laws will lose their visuals. Indeed it’s a healthy omen. But being democratic on paper is a different deal from being democratic in practice. Doubtless, while we are a country staunchly democratic by the book; there is a long walk we are compelled to cover- the walk which has barely begun- before democratic values become part of nation’s genes. It’s too early to glorify last ten years. Let’s set upcoming elections as touchstone to know how much the system has changed us for better. As election campaign has already kicked-off, we can see electables dusting-off their spikes and doing warm-ups. They are being welcomed in their respective constituencies by people with the compassion which refuses to slum down even in the most deplorable living conditions. People have been expiring, but this typical attitude of ours lives on. In this election too we will reserve our ballot for him whose only contribution in last five years was to exact our drainage system. Ironic that public is desperate to get rid of dirty politics, but forgets to ponder over the point that what can get dirtier than pledging votes and in return wanting its gutters repaired? Is it not filthsome to trade votes for gutters instead of making health and education our first priority? Sindh has about 20 to 25 percent hepatitis ratio chiefly caused by consuming contaminated water. Yet we serve top brand of mineral water to a feudal when he, once in a blue-moon, wishes to see people.

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