Misleading text of textbooks

Sabir Haider

As education is the basic need of a student, so he should be provided the best and the quality education. Basically, he should be guided and educated in a way that he can be able to guide others. But unfortunately, our course books are not supporting us to get quality education. Balochistan Textbook Board has been supplying faulty text books to overall schools in the Province. Students have found out many errors and misleading facts in their textual books. In the text book of 2nd Year English in 6th chapter named “Mr. Chips” a mistake has been found. Similarly, First Year Physics and Chemistry are full of mistakes. It is said that the mistakes of 1st Year Chemistry were found in 2005 but they were not corrected in new edition, i.e. the 2006 course. And till today 2016 after 10 years we are being taught the same wrong things in that books. If this goes on, then we will have a wrong mindset about the things and won’t be able to know the correct things. I request the Secretary Education and other authorities to take some serious action to rectify this issue.

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