Minority rights

In a democratic state it is the right of every individual, having his own beliefs and the right to practise his religious duties. The attack on Christian community on 17 December in Quetta has raised the big question mark on the rights of the minorities in Pakistan because Pakistan is a democratic state as well. In this suicide attack 9 people were killed and more than 50 wounded. They were practicing their religious duties in a church.
The Constitution of Pakistan gives all the rights to the people who are in minority and have different faiths. But this incident has not happened for the first time, we have been faced many times this kind of situations in the past including twin suicide bombing in Peshawar on Christian community, A Christian couple burnt alive near Lahore, a suicide blast in the park in Lahore where Christians were celebrating Easter Sunday and so on. This kind of attacks does not affect an individual but affect a whole community which may come out in the result of anger and hate.
Nations become strong when all communities work together and give respect to each other. We are a nation having different kind of communities and beliefs and religions but we have to give freedom to every single person to have a peaceful society. Minorities should participate in all affairs of the country. Majority cannot decide the fate of minority.
Pakistan is an Islamic State and Islam gives every kind of rights to the people who is in minority weather religious minority or any other. And this all mentioned in our constitution too then why not is followed in our country. Why their rights are not safe here? Why they are not free for their activities? Who is to be blamed for this? These are the questions whose answers we have to find out.
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