Minority communities are important building blocks of strong Pakistan

Rayyan Baig

PAKISTAN is a multi-cultural, multi lingual and multi religious country. Though Islam is the dominant religion and the other religions account for less than 5%, but all enjoy the freedom to practice their faith as per their beliefs. There is a complete interfaith harmony, and since independence there have never been any inter-religion clashes in Pakistan. The RAW-NDS sponsored terrorists have, however, tried their level best to create misunderstandings and spark inter sect or interfaith clashes, by targeting Mosques and Churches, but failed.
On any act of terrorism against any sect or faith the entire nation rather gets united and helps the victims in whatever way it is possible without any discrimination. The places of worship for various beliefs continue to work as per the law of the land and without any hindrance or any controversial claims from other communities, rather grow in keeping the demand of the community concerned. Despite the moving out of large number of British Christians from the major cities, after the partition, the large beautiful churches still stand magnificently without any reduction in their areas, size or numbers.
The members from Hindu, Christian and other non-Muslim communities love their motherland and contribute positively in all the field to include defense, judiciary, legislation, health, business etc. The father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam said that all the minorities would be the citizens of Pakistan without any discrimination. All the communities in Pakistan are afforded equal opportunities to progress without any discrimination. The members from Hindu and Christian communities have risen to the highest offices in all the field eg ministers, judges, generals and bureaucrats etc.
Likewise, the Sikhs living in Pakistan enjoy full freedom; rather those living in India or elsewhere consider Pakistan as their second home. Not just due to the presence of rich cultural and religious heritage of Sikh community in Pakistan, rather it is because of the love and care which they and their heritage get from Pakistanis. The Indian Sikhs in respect to Pakistan, for preserving their Holy sites and heritage, have announced not to attack Pakistan in case of war as they consider Pakistan holy akin to Makkah for them. The government of Pakistan provides the logistics, security and access to the innumerable Sikh sites across Pakistan. Sikh pilgrims are welcomed everywhere by the public with open arms and after pilgrimage they leave Pakistan with indelible memories.
The Government has been taking excellent care of 13 major Gurdwaras in consultation with and as per the aspirations of the Sikh community. All possible steps are being taken to restore and upgrade Sikh historical sites, recently 3 major Gurdwaras have been rehabilitated in Lahore. The efforts of Pakistani Government to facilitate Sikh pilgrims and affection shown by the public attracts more and more pilgrims from all over the world to Pakistan, last year alone over 70,000 Sikhs visited their sacred religious places in Pakistan. The Sikhs like other communities in Pakistan are very patriotic citizens and play very positive role in the development and progress of the country.
They proudly represent their community in the Armed forces, civil services, parliament and business etc. In case of any national calamity/ disaster or challenge the entire nation stands as one without any exception. In any natural calamity, including the recent devastating earthquake and floods, all the victims were looked after without any distinction of faith, similarly all communities contribute equally disregarding the faith of victims. In the ongoing war against terror the soldiers from all the faiths have equally laid their lives to rid the country from the menace of terrorism. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, other minority communities along with Muslims are all the important building blocks of strong Pakistan, and even Pakistan’s National flag also bears the elegant representation of minorities.

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