Minister seeks public cooperation to end mosquito borne ailments


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Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro taking strong exception to reported surge in malaria and dengue fever cases has directed the concerned officials to ensure twice a day fumigation in the concerned areas and to also take on board the residents about measures being adopted against mosquito borne ailments.
In a meeting here Tuesday, with the Director, Sindh Malaria Control Program, Dr. Naheed Jamali and Sindh Dengue Control Program, Dr. Abdul Rashid he said people must be made to understand that Malaria is caused by mosquitoes that grow in filthy water and these breeding points are peculiar to rural areas as well as urban slums while dengue, an ailment largely prevalent in urban centers is consquent to mosquito bite that breed in clean water.
Dr. Sikander Ali Mandhro said goverment can not defintely be absolved of its responsibilities in providing healthy environment to the masses, however, simple and cost effective preventive measures adopted by people themselves can significantly reduce their misery.
“Proper care to get dried puddles of standing water or sprinkling mobil oil/kerosene oil over stagnant water creating a file can prevent breeding of malaria causing mosquito whereas keeping properly covered containers or tanks to store clean water can help avoid dengue causing mosquitoes,” he elaborated and urged officials to gain public confidence and get them involved in the campaingn against the two diseases.
He also urged the concerned officials to arrange prompt distribution of mosquito nets in areas reporting with varied categories of mosquito borne infections alongwith regular spray of insecticides and direct involvement of affected communities in prevention of the ailments.

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