Metro & traffic problems

Construction of new projects lead to the development of the country. New projects give a boost to the economy of a {developing} country as well as helps in maintaining the infrastructure of the country. New construction projects also provide jobs to the unemployed.
The project of metro bus construction was started in 2016 while the constructors were to complete this project in 2017 and now running year is 2018. Although the construction takes time but this project was prolonged. Construction of new roads and metro bus stations leads to severe pollution. Kashmir highway nowadays is full of dust.
The route from Kashmir highway to Golra Morr, police line H-11 and G-13 is very dangerous when the rain happens because the roads are not cemented. It seems like the roads are dipped in marsh. This condition is very dangerous for all kinds of traffic but especially for motorcyclists. The authorities are requested to take steps before something tragic happens.

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