Mental abnormalities

Hashim Abro

It is a painful reality that our society gives more weight to negative thoughts and events, we never realize and recognize. We never acknowledge and appreciate good and talent. We make every effort to increase anger, unhappiness, despair, disappointment and frustration in the society. We never do social and administrative justice in the society.
We never preach and practice equality and equity. Sometimes like many others I have to ask this question from myself: Are we living in a normal and joyful society? We learn both from our parents and society to be ethical, moral, nice and good with others and feel for others in and around. But unfortunately, nowadays neither our parents nor our society teaches us to be ethical and moral with others. Above all, we do not even think to learn to be good with others. We believe in moral anger. We ventilate our moral anger but we do not perform our moral duties anywhere in the society.
Reliable surveys and psychological and social research shows that mind abnormalities such as passive anger and aggressive anger, paranoid, sudden anger, shame-based anger, planned anger, additive anger, habitual anger and moral anger, frustration, among other abnormalities, have spanked in our society. So sad, nothing is being done to treat young and old with hazardous mental abnormalities in this society of ours.

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