Mengal’s impatience

IN an apparent bid aimed at turning up pressure for implementation of six-point agreement signed by his party with PTI, Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) chief Akhtar Mengal has said if Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot resolve the issues of Balochistan, he should say so. Talking to the media in Quetta he said “If he (Imran) cannot implement BNP-M’s six points, it will be a hit-wicket for them (PTI government).” “Authority over resources should be handed over to the people of Balochistan as they are not asking for alms, but their right,” he added.
The tone and tenor of BNP leader during the media talk reflected his impatience, which was not understandable. The two parties have inked an accord detailing terms of cooperation and it has been signed by relevant leaders. There is every reason to believe that PTI is serious as far as implementation of the agreed points is concerned but it would be unfair to expect that the agreement would be realised in a matter of days or weeks. There are serious and sensitive issues involved like the missing persons, which could not be addressed satisfactorily by the two successive governments of PPP and PML (N), not to speak of the government of Gen Pervez Musharraf. A Commission on missing persons was also formed with incumbent Chairman National Accountability Bureau as its head but it also achieved only limited success in addressing the concerns.
There have been conflicting versions about number and nature of missing persons, as the government believed the count is exaggerated for political reasons. The authorities concerned also claim that some of those listed as missing persons are in fact operating somewhere else against interests of Pakistan and therefore, they cannot and should not be categorised as missing persons. Other points – implementation of the National Action Plan, implementation of six per cent quota for Balochistan in the federal government, immediate repatriation of Afghan refugees and the construction of dams in the province to resolve the acute water crisis – also require time and resources and BNP should give some time to PTI for implementation. It is not fair to build pressure on an ally so soon and without giving it time and opportunity to demonstrate its intent and seriousness.

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