Memorable Day in Moscow

Expatriate Pakistanis, residing in Moscow, especially Baloch community, Saturday celebrated Pakistan Unity Day under the slogan ‘United We Stand Divided we Fall’.
The event reached its climax when Dr Jumma Khan Marri, Baloch sub-nationalist leader attended the event and announced his separation along with his supporters from the so-called Baloch Independence Movement. Dr Jumma, self exiled in Moscow for last two decades, has large following amongst Baloch Diaspora across the world. During his highly charged speech, he also announced launching an organisation with the name of Overseas Pakistani Baloch Community to counter anti-Balochistan Movement abroad. Dr Jumma’s announcement has come at a very important time when propaganda campaigns have been unleashed in Europe and the US against Pakistan that the Baloch people want separation from the mainland. Undoubtedly no such demand exists in the province but some Indian paid disgruntled personalities like Brahamdagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri are behind such malicious campaigns to malign and put pressure on Pakistan. We expect that Dr Jumma along with other community members will use their influence abroad to counter such drives, expose their real motives and make efforts to portray a true picture of the province as well as to bring estranged Baloch leaders into the mainstream through political dialogue. The federal and provincial governments have always expressed commitments to hold sincere dialogue with estranged Baloch leaders. It is now opportune time that a joint delegation is send to meet Dr Jumma to work out a course of action to achieve progress on this front. Indeed this will go a long way in foiling conspiracies against the province by India that is resorting to cheap and sordid tactics only to divert world’s attention from her on-gong atrocities in occupied Kashmir. We need to tell the people abroad that actually it is the people of occupied Kashmir that are striving and giving sacrifices for freedom from the cruel clutches of India over the past seven decades.

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