Memogate revisited

The Supreme Court has taken up the Memo gate case. The Chief Justice asked the Attorney General what steps has the government taken to bring back former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani from abroad.
The Memo gate scandal surfaced on June 13, 2011, when it was alleged by Pakistani businessman Mansoor Ijaz that his long-time friend Ambassador Haqqani has written a memorandum to Admiral Mike Mullen to intervene in Pakistan.
The Memo gate controversy revolves around a memorandum addressed to admiral Mike Mullen ostensibly seeking help of Obama Administration in the wake of the Osama Bin Laden card to avert a military take over of the civilian government. The memo was delivered in May 2011, Mansoor Ijaz wrote in Financial Times’ article for the first time bringing attention to the affair.
On June 12, 2011 the Supreme Court Commission released its findings and found that after testimony by all the parties and verifying the forensic results of Ijaz ‘s blackberry conversations with Haqqani was incontrovertibly established that he had written the memo and was being called back to Pakistan to face likely charges of treason.

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