Member EU Parliament vows to raise Kashmiris’ voice on all forums

Zubair Qureshi


Labour Member of the European Parliament Wajid Khan on Tuesday vowed to raise Kashimr issue on all forums available as “it is not only a dispute between Pakistan and India, it is also the worst example of human rights issue.” Mr Khan was addressing a press conference hosted by President of the AJK Sardar Masood Khan at the Kashmir House. Senior Kashmiri leaders, politicians and AJK MLAs were also present on the occasion. Wajid Khan said debate was very much alive not only in EU and Great Britain but also in rest of the Europe.
There is a growing realization of gross violations of Human Rights in the occupied Kashmir and atrocities of the Indian forces are no more acceptable how much they try to cover them under political attributes. Kashmiri people are resilient, freedom lovers and they deserve justice which is their birth right. Wajid Khan was quite vocal in advocating the cause of the Kashmiri people when he said, “Blood of Kashmiris was not cheaper than the blood of any other nation of Asia and Europe.”
I call upon my European fellows and the members of the European Parliament to listen to the agonies and cries of the Kashmiri people who have been facing suppression and oppression for the last 70 years. To a question, Wajid Khan said debate on Kashmir was an ongoing process and we need to keep that alive. He condemned all forms of HR violations in Kashmir and hoped European nations would one day realize gravity of the matter. To another question, Wajid Khan disagreed with the impression that the fact India was the fast growing economy was the main factor that European nations were reluctant to take up the issue of HR violations. It was in 2007 when India expressed its interest in having access to European markets but the agreement could not be materialized as European nations had serious reservations. Wajid Khan congratulated Sardar Masood President of AJK for holding marathon visits in recent past and for highlighting the issue at the international platform.
Earlier, while introducing the guest, President Sardar Masood Khan said Wajid Khan was quite vocal in European parliament and his endeavors to stop Human Rights violations are simply commendable. Wajid Khan also visited Norway for the Kashmir cause in October last and held meetings with the local leadership and Kashmiri representatives to observe Black Day against Indian atrocities, said Masood Khan. He warned the world against deafening silence on the issue and urged a counter narrative to the Indian version. Sardar Masood also criticized the US for its double standards on the Kashmir issue.

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