Mega health event

It is a fact that that participation or for that matter hosting an international moot on any current subject or issue of concern and importance provides the countries opportunity to inter-act with each other through their high-level representatives and come up with possible solution of the problems so being discussed.
Pakistan is host to a mega health event of international importance in Islamabad from Monday (October 9) and genuinely taking pride in that. The event is 69th session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean.
According to the reports, as WHO’s governing body at the regional level, the Regional Committee comprises representatives of all 22 countries falling in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the world health body. The international moot is going to be participated by the member countries Ministers of health, their representative as well as more than 250 public health leaders and experts as well as representatives of national, regional and international organizations and WHO Secretariat staff. They all are gathering in the federal capital to discuss important public health priorities for countries of the region.
Federal Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar, as per the reports, has quite rightly and appropriately welcomed the foreign delegates to the important moot and said that the mega health event coming to Pakistan is reflective of the country’s increasing role as a major player in global health. On this occasion, delegates from South Asian,Middle East, West Asian and North African countries are converging in Islamabad to discuss and take decisions on issues of regional character and Pakistan surely takes pride in hosting the event.
During the deliberations, the delegates will mainly focus on five priority areas of public health including emergencies and health security, communicable diseases, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health and strengthening of the health system, all of which are important and ensure host country’s progress in moving towards universal health coverage.
Everyone including this scribe surely and certainly welcomes the delegates to the mega health event and hope they will be enjoying our traditional hospitality in a friendly and workable atmosphere in the federal Capital.

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