Meeting of all deptts convened to eradicate quackery


Staff Reporter

The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has convened a meeting of all departments concerned to finalise a strategy for taking decisive action against quacks in the light of direction of the Supreme Court.
According to a press release issued here on Monday, in pursuance of the orders of the SC, Chief Operating Officer PHC Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan convened a meeting of departments concerned for finalising an anti-quackery strategy in the shortest possible time.
Moreover, the PHC has also directed all executive authorities to assist in this effort across the province.
“Being an independent body for regulating the Hhealthcare Establishments (HCEs) and eliminating quackery, the PHC has made huge strides in developing the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) for different types of the HCEs, and training healthcare service providers on the MSDS,” said Dr Ajmal, adding that the PHC would continue its efforts for improving healthcare service delivery in all kinds of the HCEs located across the province.
He assured that the ongoing campaign of the PHC had received a tremendous boost by the directions of the SC and the results would be evident very shortly. “So far, the PHC has closed down more than 8,550 fake treatment centres of quacks,” he added.

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