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Medical experts advise pollen patients to use dust masks

Medical experts Wednesday advised Pollen patients to use allergy mask as it provides allergy protection indoor, outdoor and also provide protection against common particle allergens like pollen, plant spores, pet dander, mold, house dust and dust mites. Talking to a private news channel, Senior Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr Umair Raza said pollen allergy patients should take preventive measures to avoid medical complication in this high-risk season.
People with low immunity like patients, children and aged should avoid going into parks and lawns, he added.
He further advised, balanced diet is the best prevention for the pollen allergy contraction as it boosts one’s immune system.
He said the pollen allergy patients to avoid the spicy food and pulse of maash, potatoes, cauliflower and banana adding that they must avoid soft drinks.
He forbade use of perfumes, frequently going out in the evenings and suggested to wear face mask, use wet cloth for dusting, avoid the use of floor carpets, do not open the window of car, use vacuum cleaner instead of broom, use sun glasses in outdoor and apply fresh water in eyes and nose and avoid using hot water, are the measures which can control it to a limited extent.”
Dr Umair said allergy patients should avoid moving such places where the offending plant grows and where its pollen exists in the air.
He also demanded that an awareness drive should be launched to educate citizens about disease, adding, literature about the disease. While discussing symptoms of pollen allergy to a patient, specialist said improper breathing, flu, headache, sneezing, stuffed nose, sinusitis, coughing and asthma lead to severe allergy so he/she should avoid mulberry and pollen tress, stuffy foods, insects and animals like dog, cat, and also avoid using carpets, he advised.
He said not everyone are allergic to pollen but, pollen may trigger allergic reactions and asthma in people who have pollen allergies, adding, allergies from pollen grains worsen during spring and summer season because more pollen are produced during this part of the year He warned that people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases will experience serious consequences due to a sharp increase in pollen concentrations.