MCB honoured with “Best Corporate Report” Award


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MCB Bank, one of Pakistan’s largest & most innovative banks, has been honoured with the prestigious “Best Corporate Report” Award in the Banking sector by ICAP & ICMAP in a ceremony held recently in Karachi. This marks the seventh time that MCB Bank has received this honour by ICAP & ICMAP.
The Award was presented to Nadeem Afzal Group Head – Consumer Banking, MCB Bank Ltd, by Mr. Kashif Mateen Ansari Former President, ICMA Pakistan in recognition of the bank’s responsible reporting and transparency in sharing the economic, environmental and social performance of the Bank as per international best practices.
Speaking about the Award, Imran Maqbool, President MCB Bank Ltd. said “We are honoured to have won this award, which is a testament to the Bank’s commitment to Corporate Governance and Business Transparency. The Bank’s consistent recognition in this area reflects the company’s leadership in corporate reporting and our long term value creation for all stakeholders.”
The Award is primarily aimed at promoting effective communication of financial and other information by companies to their stakeholders through the publication of timely, informative, factual and reader friendly annual reports.
All the submitted annual reports are adjudged in accordance with set evaluation criteria, which is undertaken by the technical staff of both the institutes. The results are reviewed by the Joint Evaluation Committee under the chairmanship of Yaqoob Sattar.

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