MBS rebuts Trump’s boast

This refers to the news report ‘Crown Prince Salman dismisses Trump remarks about reliance on the US’ (October 7). Having spent his entire life running his businesses, Donald Trump never got the opportunity to learn how to behave properly with others. And with the same disposition he, one day, landed in the White House, totally unprepared for the position of the head of a super power, having had no opportunity to groom for the position.
So, if Trump behaves errantly, it is not his fault. It is his upbringing. And he cannot even avail the facility of ‘learning on the job’ because being a conceited person, he considers himself perfect in all respects and is fully convinced that he is ‘a very intelligent person’ and lest the people doubt it, he actually declared the ‘fact’ in so many words.
So it is not at all surprising that at a rally last week, Trump said “When you have wealthy countries like Saudi Arabia, like Japan, like South Korea, why are we subsidising their military?” “They’ll pay us. The problem is nobody ever asks,” he added. The man even went to the extent of claiming that KSA could not last two weeks without US help. What is good to note is that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, less than half his age, dealt most appropriately with the uncalled for remarks by Trump.
In fact, this Saudi Arabia which is doing a favour to the US by agreeing to buy advanced armaments from it, when it can purchase equipment of equivalent quality from other countries at lower prices. And KSA has its own forces, plus troops from friendly countries belonging to the military alliance to protect it.

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