Mayor to unfold 100-day development plan for City


Staff Reporter

Karachi—Mayor Waseem Akhtar told a press conference Tuesday that he will soon unfold a 100-day plan to develop Karachi, without picking up quarrel with anyone, and by utilizing our own vast human resources.
He complained that a city with teeming millions had been suffering from innumerable problems like water shortage, hygiene and health issues, and above by fund shortages. He had sought Sindh government help, but irrespective of outcome of efforts aimed at securing such help, he will devote his people and friends to start cleaning campaign in Karachi.
The city, unfortunately, had turned into a garbage dump, its roads were broken, and bumpy, damaging for vehicles which was a colossal loss to residence. We need to rebuild roads,re-carpet these, and arrange for the drinking water for the people.

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