Mayhem in Kabul

AT least ninety people were killed and hundreds wounded Wednesday when a massive truck bomb ripped through Kabul’s diplomatic quarter, bringing carnage to the streets of Afghan capital just days into the holy month of Ramazan. The blast damaged the presidential palace, US military headquarters and several embassies including those of China, France and Germany. After the blast, the world community poured in with their condemnation including Pakistan whose diplomats were also injured and residences of its staff damaged in the blast.
The bloodiest attack once again underscored the spiralling insecurity in the neighbouring country where a military beset by soaring casualties and desertions is struggling to beat back the insurgents. How far the situation is worrisome can be gauged from the fact that Ghani-led government has no control over a third of the country. Taliban have denied involvement in the attack but in recent times IS has emerged a major threat as it carried out several bombings in Afghan capital including a powerful blast that targeted an armoured NATO convoy on May 3. The people of Pakistan, who also have paid a heavy price in the war on terror, fully understand the pain and agony of their Afghan brethren at this hour of trial. This is the reason that Pakistan while declaring terrorism a common challenge has repeatedly called upon the Afghan government for joint and coordinated efforts to root out this curse from the region. However, it is regrettable that response from the other side has never been positive rather it always resorts to pointing fingers on Pakistan for its own internal weaknesses. We understand that these accusations and counter accusations will not serve any purpose but further embolden the terrorist elements and hostile foreign agencies to continue with their bloodiest campaign. Instead of allowing the enemy to develop cracks in our relationship, responsibility rests with the leadership of both the countries to sit together and chalk out a way forward to eliminate these elements that have already taken a heavy toll on our innocent people.

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