Maximum facilities at Peshawar Zoo applauded


Peshawar Zoo, which was a flagship project of PTI government, has attracted a large number of people and children from different districts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa during vacations of Eidul Azha.
After slaughtering their sacrificial animals, a large number of Peshawarities, especially children visited the zoo and spent some time there. Different kinds of wild and other types of animals and birds like tigers, lions, pheasants, dears, cranes, snakes, camels, reptiles, birds and parrots are centre of public interest.
Established over 29 acres at Rahatabad near Pakistan Forests Institute and University of Peshawar at a cost of Rs270 million, Peshawar Zoo has also received influx of tourists from all adjoining districts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and recently merged tribal districts during Eid holidays.
Despite hot and humid weather conditions in Peshawar, people are coming in large number to watch wild animals in the zoo. Children and youth are taking keen interest in different animals, reptiles and birds like tigers, snakes, lions, monkeys, camels and asking different questions from the management about habitats, habits and foods of animals in the zoo.
The zoo is unique and bigger than all other zoos of Pakistan as it spread on a vast area of over 29 acres of land wherein almost all species of wild animals and birds existing in the country have been caged in a natural habitat.
‘Peshawar zoo is a nice gift of Prime Minister Imran Khan for people of Peshawar, which has not only enhanced beauty of Peshawar but also become a symbol of entertainment for people of KP,’ Misal Khan, a retired Information Officer who visited the zoo along with his children told APP.
‘All the past governments made tall promises and raised slogans for construction of a zoo in Peshawar but were completely failed to do so.— APP

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