Maturity prevails

THE Army decision to withdraw the controversial tweet by DG, ISPR about implementation of Inquiry Committee recommendations into Dawn Leaks has sent a wave of fresh air across the country in an otherwise gloomy environment. The reiteration of commitment by Pakistan Army to uphold supremacy of the Constitution and support democratic process also augurs well in the backdrop of all sorts of rumour-mongering and painting of doomsday scenario by some detractors.
In the first place, the controversy would not have developed in an ideal environment but it is also encouraging that differences have not been allowed to widen and sincere efforts have been made by the two sides to sort out the matter amicably. The tweet was, no doubt, bitter and harsh and therefore government deserves appreciation for not going public with its reaction and instead preferred to resolve the controversy in a discreet manner without providing ammunition to those who are always on the look out to exploit any semblance of differences between civilian and military leadership. It is all the more important to note that the Army did not make withdrawal of the tweet an issue of ego and also sent a loud and clear message that it accepts constitutional supremacy and authority of the Prime Minister. The impression of a rift was not only discomforting for people of Pakistan but also a golden opportunity for some foreign countries to exploit the situation. The country is presently being hard-pressed by India, Iran and Afghanistan and there was dire need for harmony between civilian and military leadership so as to face the challenge through collective wisdom. Therefore, we welcome the development and hope that through mutual consultations a clear-cut mechanism would be evolved to ensure that differences, if any, are not provided to detractors and rating hungry media. The happy ending of the episode is a source of satisfaction for people of Pakistan but regrettably some politicians seems to be unhappy and wanted the controversy to prolong. One fails to understand what they are up to when heads have already been rolled over the issue. This tendency of exploiting sensitive issues for political gains is loathsome and must be avoided.

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