Matter of QAU

Political parties have historically exploited university students in Pakistan. We hear that some militant elements create law & order situation in the Universities across the country. In most of the cases same chronic problem exists. We need to diminish the role of the political parties at the campus. The University students are not kids, they must work for the greater interest of the student community instead of pandering to the select audience. The political parties should refrain from involvement in the student politics and stay away from the campuses.
Student unions should be restored to promote the healthy activities on the campus. The University Administration must cater to the students’ betterment and create student-friendly atmosphere. Youngsters are the future of Pakistan and we must protect them from bad influences. Quaid-i-Azam University is a premier institution where {unfortunately} protest has been going on for days.
A few days ago, police restored peace and educational activities on the Campus. A section of the students is still protesting. I hope better sense will prevail upon the students and they will stop negative activities and apply themselves to the studies to become responsible citizens of the country. My candid advice to them is to concentrate on their studies lest they regret their ways later on.
Advocate J.Bashir

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