Mathematics connection with real life must be maintained to make it glamorizing subject

Speakers at the inaugural ceremony of three-day 19th Pure Mathematical Conference 2018 which kicked off at a local hotel on Friday said teachers and experts in Mathematics field must play their role to build a connection between Mathematics and real life to make it more glamorizing subject for the students.
“Practicability of Mathematics in the daily lives must be highlighted so that more students can develop their interest in this subject and pursue it as their profession”, speakers observed.
The conference titled “Algebra, Analysis and Geometry” was organized by Advanced Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Pakistan Mathematical Society (PMS), Islamia University of Bahawalpur,
Preston University and Higher Education Commission. The conference was arranged to provide an opportunity to the experts from various countries in a variety of branches of Pure Mathematics and benefit from each other’s experiences.
Speaking on the occasion, Executive Director, HEC, Professor Dr. Arshad Ali said “Our basic sciences are not getting visibility and importance in the education system. In our landscape, Mathematicians are excellent not by their choice but they opt this subject due to their non-adjustment in any other area”. There is no focus on Mathematics at the levels of early education rather it is glorified as a boring subject by our teachers not interesting one. “As an engineer, I can say no engineering can take place without Mathematics”.—APP

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